– testers wanted! is a project that has been under development for quite some time now. I believe I started working on it back in 2008 or possibly even 2007.

Mostly it has been collecting dust in various virtual desk drawers, but since I decided that 2011 is the year I make stuff I started actually reach a point where I can share them with others, here it is!

As an interesting fact; I really don’t know anything about web design. I am not very interested in appearances. My friend from Jokkmokk, Andreas Viklund, is though. That is why I used his template Variant Winter for default. I think it works rather well. I asked another friend to create a different background image, though.

Användarnamn (Username): test
Lösenord (Password): 2yf8zp

Please use the Feedback function on the site to tell me what you think! =)

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